Infobox Statik Data Masking Product

Enterprises somehow clone their production databases for some purposes like development, testing, training etc... If this is the case, keeping sensitive data in this clone databases unprotected makes your enterprise vulnerable for data breaches. The first thought and the most effective way to protect your sensitive data in clone databases is data masking. "Infobox Statik Data Masking Product" is developed to help you to perform this easily.

The most important feature of such static data masking products is high performance. With "Infobox Statik Data Masking Product", using 16 CPU and 16 MB RAM masking server 1 billion column per hour can be masked.

These masking technics are out of the box. If these are not enough for your masking needs, new technics can be added easily with configuration.

  • Hide characters (masking)
  • From List
  • Fixed value
  • Group mixing
  • Out of group mixing
  • Conditional masking
  • Using SQL or RDBMS procedure
  • Date masking
  • Random number and string generation
  • Javascript

All masking technics assure to generate consistent result which does not change from table to table. 
Other features are .

  • Retry
  • Rollback
  • Conditional masking

This product supports :

Oracle Microsoft SQL MySQL Sybase DB2 PostgreSQL


Watch a short video about the basic features of Infobox static data masking solution :

Infobox Dynamic Data Masking Product

While protecting non-production databases with static data masking, what about sensitive data protection in live databases? Of course, we can not change data physically in live systems. Instead, we can protect them with on the fly masking, and this named "Dynamic Masking". Doing so, we can perform maximum security in uncontrolled data access in live systems.

This product places itself between accessing client and database server and masks sensitive data on the fly. These are masking technics can be used :

  • Hide characters (masking)
  • Fixed value
  • Database Function
  • Random number and string generation

Tüm maskeleme teknikleri, aynı bilginin tüm tablolarda ve veritabanlarında aynı sonucu üretecek şekilde tutarlı maskelenmesini temin etmektedir.
Other main features are :

  • Log SQL statements
  • Minimum performance load
  • Exception per user profile
  • Temporary exception per system or per session

This product supports : 

Oracle Microsoft SQL MySQL

Infobox Sensitive Data Discovery Product

Where is your sensitive data? Answering this question is not easy. At least, it is not possible for one to answer this question completely especially if your enterprise has wide and complex data structure. To help you answer this tough question, "Infobox Sensitive Data Discovery Product" is developed. It discovers your database and quickly generates reports about where your sensitive data remains.

Even for big enterprise databases, generating sensitive data report takes only a couple of hours. This report will include data categories as below.

  • Firstname, Lastname
  • Social Numbers
  • Credit Card Number
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Tax office, Tax number
  • Password, Pin code
  • Telephone, Fax
  • Web address
  • Bank Account Number, IBAN number
  • IP, URL
  • Barcode Number

PS: If your enterprise has more sensitive data type to discover, it is easy to configure it.

This product supports :

Oracle Microsoft SQL MySQL Sybase DB2 PostgreSQL

Infobox Sub Data Copy Product

Using this product, you can create mini versions of your corporate databases. By doing so, you can have development and test databases using minimal resource. While copying data, sensitive data can be masked on the fly and this means, your data is protected. 

Databases supported  : 

Oracle Microsoft SQL MySQL


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